Nerja sewage treatment plant / e. cabezas

Sewage treatment plant's smells "have disappeared" says mayor

Nerja town hall has assured locals that the operator is working to reduce noise and vibrations coming from the works, which have been the cause of complaints from residents and businesses

Eugenio Cabezas

Following a series of complaints from residents, businesses and the town hall about foul smells, noise and vibrations coming from the Nerja’s new sewage treatment plant, the public company in charge of the running of the plant, Tragsa, has said that the first of these problems, the smell, "has practically disappeared".

In an interview on local television on Thursday, Nerja mayor, José Alberto Armijo, said that the smell problem had been resolved. Regarding the noise, the councillor said that the public company "is working with town hall technicians to correct it."

When asked about the question of the seven million euros that the central government is claiming from Nerja town hall for the transfer of the plant to the local authority, to be paid over a 25-year-period, Armijo said, "We are going to bring a new agreement to the next plenary session, to ratify that we should not pay a penny, we hope that the government will be consistent.”

Technical characteristics

The plant has the capacity to treat 25,000 cubic metres of wastewater per day, which is equivalent to a population of up to 125,000 inhabitants - Nerja has just 21,000 registered residents.

It also has a system in place for recycling water for irrigation. It is a closed facility and as such it was announced early on in the process that it would not emit odours or noise.

It has two main pumping stations; one at the mouth of the river Chíllar and the other near to Burriana beach. The underwater pipe for the discharge of treated water is located off Burriana beach, 800 metres from the coast.