A threshing demonstration at a previous festival in Sedella / SUR

Sedella to celebrate threshing day as a tribute to the village’s agricultural heritage

The festival will take place on Sunday 3 July and there will be tastings of goat’s meat, traditional ‘cateta’ salad, gazpacho and wine

Jennie Rhodes

Sedella will be holding its traditional threshing day on Sunday 3 July. It will be the eighth time that the event has taken place and is back following a break due to the pandemic.

The village still uses the threshing system to separate straw from grain, which hasn’t changed for centuries. According to the Axarquía’s tourism spokesperson, Juan Peñas, in Sedella alone there were over 20 threshers in the 1950s. “This festival revives these ancient methods that farmers used to separate the straw from the grain," said Peñas during the presentation of the festival on Wednesday.

He said, "These customs serve as a pretext for a festival that connects with tradition, gastronomy and the enhancement of the natural environments that the region boasts.”

Threshing floors

Mayor of Sedella Francisco Abolafio explained that the day is the result of a suggestion made by a resident of Sedella who wanted to make sure that the village's agricultural traditions didn’t die out. “We are an open group that likes to reach a consensus with our residents and so we designed our own festival.”

Abolafio went on to say, "Sedella has two perfectly preserved threshing floors, reminiscent of those difficult economic times when families separated the cereal from the straw to provide sustenance for their families or so that the flour obtained could be used to barter for other foodstuffs".

The day will start at 11:30am with music from Sedella’s municipal band. This will be followed by the Verdiales from the Arroyo Conca de Comares group.

At 12pm there will be a tour of the stone sculptures made by the company Empedrados Los Picantes, who have created different symbols of the threshing tradition and this will be followed at 12:30pm by a threshing exhibition at the village chapel (La Ermita).

At the end of the event, there will be a tasting of typical Sedella products such as goat meat, traditional ‘cateta’ salad, gazpacho and wine and the music will start at 4.30pm with the Son del Mar orchestra and the group Planeta 80.