The work started to reform Plaza de la Axarquía started last October / e. cabezas

Residents protest over delays to reform historic Torre del Mar square

Business owners and the opposition PP party have also complained but the town hall insists the work is on schedule

Eugenio Cabezas

The project to reform Plaza de la Axarquía in Torre del Mar, which started last October, has received complaints from local residents and businesses about the length of time the work is taking to complete and the opposition Partido Popular (PP) party has echoed the complaints. PP spokesman Jesús Lupiáñez said, “Residents and shopkeepers have expressed their discomfort at the lack of planning for the work, which will put an end to the car parks in this important commercial zone.

Residents have complained about the "lack of information" since the work began and the "slowness of the work, with days in which only a couple of workers have been there; while the shopkeepers complain that the outside area, where people pass through, has not yet been paved, with the damage to their businesses and the danger to pedestrians", according to the PP councillor.

Lupiáñez announced that they are going to ask for a reduction in the taxes to be paid by the traders in the square "because in recent months their sales have fallen and some businesses have even closed, and we must rethink the parking in this key area of Torre del Mar, taking the blue zone that existed before the works to a neighbouring street which benefits the traders," he added.

The councillor for Torre del Mar, Jesús Pérez Atencia, said that the project was “on time and on target". He insisted that the works were "on schedule" and being drafted by municipal technicians "with the sole purpose of improving the environment of an emblematic site” which is home to the historic castle of Torre del Mar.

He went on to say that it was “a square with no drainage and it gave a very bad image at the entrance to the most important commercial area of Torre del Mar.”