The San Francisco market. / SUR

Reopening of Vélez-Málaga's San Francisco 'gourmet' market still up in the air

The businesses affected criticised the town hall's "lack of communication and information"


The reopening of the San Francisco 'gourmet' market in Vélez-Málaga remains up in the air after more than two years since the electricity company cut the supply due to irregularities with the contract.

At the end of March last year, the town hall gave the four companies, which had still shown an interest in reopening their businesses, a period of fifteen days in which to do so before Easter week this year. However, they rejected the offer, stating that they "did not have written guarantees" that they would be able to continue operating.

María José Giles, one of the businesswomen affected, criticised "the lack of communication and information" on the part of the town hall, "when we have been asking them for more than two years to let us go back to work. We need to know when we can reopen," she said.