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Óscar Medina: "I aspire for Torrox to be like Benahavís"

The mayor also wants to promote the marina and a golf course during the remainder of his term of office so that the town continues to grow economically

Eugenio Cabezas

The mayor of Torrox, Óscar Medina, appeared on the current affairs television programme 'La Alameda' last Thursday to talk about the town, following the recent news that its population has exceeded 20,000 inhabitants.

During the appearance, Medina spoke of his intention to develop projects such as the construction of a marina and a golf course in the town; plans that have been in the pipeline for several years. If it materialises, it would be the second marina in the Axarquia region, as now there is only the one in Caleta de Velez; a situation which Medina described as "incomprehensible".

Medina said that it would be an environmentally sustainable marina. "We want it to be the most environmentally sustainable marina in Europe. What is not understandable is that the eastern Costa del Sol has no marina. The one in Caleta de Vélez is more for fishing use,"

He is confident that the Town Hall will be able to find investors interested in building a golf course which would also be in the Calaceite area. To this should be added the construction of more than 3,000 luxury homes.

Largest German community on Spanish mainland

The mayor defended these projects not only as a source of employment for the town but also believes that they would act as a magnet to attract tourists who would then visit other parts of the province. "The Costa del Sol has been living off tourism, practically since the 60s," he pointed out and added that Torrox has the largest community of German residents on the Peninsula.

His aim, he explained, is to promote the development of a town which, for the first time, has more than 20,000 inhabitants and which in recent years has become a point of reference in the Axarquia region. Medina, convinced of the potential of his town, set Benahavís, which has the highest per capita income in the province, as an example to follow. "I want Torrox to be like Benahavís", he said and was convinced of Torrox's potential to continue to grow economically and in terms of population.

"We are growing at 1,000 inhabitants per year," Medina said and claimed that his policy is based on offering quality services while at the same time trying to maintain a low tax burden. The Partido Popular (PP) leader has the support of nine councillors, which gives him an absolute majority in the town hall.