Rural Guard Julio Fernández and a Guardia Civil officer rescue the young ibex. / sur

Officers free young ibex from poaching snare

Rural guard Julio Fernández and a Seprona agent saved the animal in the second case recorded in Frigiliana in little more than a year

Eugenio Cabezas

Officers have successfully freed a young mountain goat in what is the second case of its kind in just over a year in Frigiliana. On both occasions the animals became trapped in a metal snare believed to have been laid by poachers in the Sierra Almijara mountains.

On Tuesday, 35-year-old ranger Julio Fernández and an officer from the Guardia Civil's Nature Protection Service (Seprona) intervened, saving the life of the male goat, which was around a year old.

In November 2020, Fernández released another goat in the same area, just 300 metres from the village centre. "Lately we have been seeing more mountain goats in the Higuerón river area, close to the village centre, because people throw food for them," explained Fernández. He said that the animal "miraculously” hadn't tried free itself and therefore “didn't hang itself. When we freed it, it was perfectly well, it was not injured," he added. "The mother was not around, but they will surely be reunited," Fernández predicted.

"It's very sad that people hunt and leave snares in this area," said the Frigiliana gamekeeper. This type of hunting technique is strictly forbidden by current legislation in Andalusia, and Seprona has opened an investigation to try to identify the possible perpetrator or perpetrators.