It has taken 43-year-old Dane Anton Jensen two months to build his miniature castle. E. CABEZAS
The mini Danish castle in Lagos

The mini Danish castle in Lagos

A Danish man living in El Morche has built a small roadside fort which has quickly become a new tourist attraction and perfect selfie spot

Eugenio Cabezas

Friday, 7 January 2022, 13:25


Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers who have been passing the crossing of the old N-340 road between El Morche and Lagos will no doubt have spotted a new property. However, this one is somewhat different from the modern houses being built in the Vélez-Málaga area.

It is a small castle made from hundreds of stones taken from the beach which stands majestically on top of some rocks. The name, 'El Castillo del Búho' (The Owl's Castle) can be seen on the main façade of this intriguing little fortress, upon which an Andalusian flag flies.

The man responsible for the creation of this curiosity is Anton Jensen, a Dane who has been living in Torrox for five years.

"I came here on the recommendation of a friend, who was already living here. He told me that the climate and the people were much better than in Copenhagen," he explains.

Jensen says he is a great fan of sculpting and collecting shells from the beach. "I love making sculptures with them, motorbikes and animals, but this is my first piece of street art," he says.

During the two months it took to build the castle, the sculptor says, "everyone who passed by congratulated me on my work, even the police."

In fact, the place has already become a regular place for selfies and photos, as it offers a magnificent view of the Vélez-Málaga coastline from its easternmost coastal village, Lagos.

"Nobody from the town hall has said anything to me either, I have done it out of love for this place, which has welcomed me so well over the years. I want to stay here forever," he says.

'El Castillo del Búho' is named after a partner that Jensen had in Copenhagen. "I also did it as a tribute to her," he reveals.




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