La Maroma has a thick blanket of snow after Tuesday's rain e. cabezas
It might be spring but there’s snow on La Maroma

It might be spring but there’s snow on La Maroma

However, despite the recent rainfall, La Viñuela reservoir has only seen an increase of four cubic hectometres

Wednesday, 6 April 2022, 13:49


La Maroma, the highest mountain in Malaga province at 2,069 metres above sea level, had its first snowfall of the year yesterday, despite it being spring. A thick blanket of the white stuff covered the peak from 1,700 metres. The scene, which is very unusual for this time of the year, is also the first major snowfall recorded in the area since winter 2020/21.

However, despite the recent rainfall, La Viñuela reservoir, which supplies the Axarquia, has seen a rise of just four cubic hectometres, recording on Tuesday 27.47 cubic hectometres or 16.71 per cent of its capacity. This is half what it had just a year ago, when it recorded 53.44 hectometres.

The Axarquía’s subtropical fruit growers have seen their water allocation from the reservoir reduced from 2,000 to 1,500 cubic metres per hectare, when a year ago they were allowed to use 3,000.

In an attempt to relieve the effects of the drought in the Axarquía, La Viñuela reservoir is awaiting the connection of two wells from the Chíllar river in Nerja, which will provide about three cubic hectometres per year to supply the Axarquia.

This week the transfer of water from La Concepción reservoir in Malaga to the La Viñuela has also begun, allowing for the diversion of 100 litres of water per second to the Axarquía.

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