Robles, left, and Torreblanca. SUR
Two mayors who have been in office for 40 years in Malaga province

Two mayors who have been in office for 40 years in Malaga province

Manuel Robles of Comares will head the PP list for the eleventh consecutive time, while Socialist Cristóbal Torreblanca of Almogía is still deciding whether to stand again


Friday, 17 February 2023, 21:24

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Manuel Robles and Cristóbal Torreblanca have been mayors of their respective villages in the province of Malaga for 40 years without a break, making them the longest serving mayors ever in the region.

Elected in 1983, Robles has governed Comares under the conservative Partido Popular (PP) and has stated his intention to continue standing for mayor in the municipal elections on 28 May. Torreblanca, however, is still considering whether or not to run again for mayor of Almogía for the PSOE Socialist party.

"Yes Yes. I am going to be the PP candidate again,” confirmed Robles during a phone interview with SUR. About to turn 70, it will be the eleventh consecutive time that this veteran of Malaga politics stands for election in the Axarquía municipality.

Robles governs with a majority, with six councillors compared to 3 from the PSOE. On why he intends to run for mayor again, he stated that he continues to have "vision" to develop projects for his people and that he wants to take advantage of the fact that "now the PP governs the Junta de Andalucía".

Cristóbal Torreblanca continues to consider this option on whether to run again for mayor of Almogía (3,885 inhabitants). “Nothing can be ruled out," said the socialist councillor when asked by SUR.

Torreblanca, a teacher by profession, became mayor when he was 28 years old and currently governs with an absolute majority with seven councillors compared to three from the PP and one seat held by Unidas Podemos.

During the last four decades he has always stood on the PSOE ticket, except in 1987, when he repesented the Independent Association of Almogía (AIA). He has also had a seat on the provincial council in two terms: between 1995 and 1999 in the opposition and from 1999 to 2003.

If he decides not to stand once again, the PSOE's candidate would be Antonia García, current deputy mayor and member of the provincial council.

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