Simon Zabell with one of the paintings in his exhibition / SUR

British artist shows Club Calypso at Nerja museum

Simon Zabell’s first solo exhibition opens on Saturday 14 January and comprises nine oil paintings, five sculptures and music created with the composer Craig Stuart Garner

Eugenio Cabezas

A harmonious combination of painting, sculpture and music is what the Malaga-based British artist Simon Zabell’s new exhibition, Club Calypso promises. It opens on Saturday 14 January at the Museum of Nerja, where it will remain until 12 March. This is the first solo exhibition by the artist, who teaches at the School of Fine Art at the University of Granada.

The collection includes a selection of nine paintings, five sculptures and music created specially by the composer Craig Stuart Garner along with Zabell himself and is curated by María Rosa Jurado, owner of of Eldevenir Art Gallery in Torrox.

"The works emanate from tradition, from mysticism and from rhythms, exploring the limits of pigments, geometry, volume and visual perception, creating a language of their own in which painting is the protagonist,” said Jurado.

“They summarise the intimate relationship he has always had with painting, sculpture and music,” the curator added, going on to say that “they are works that, like the first African rhythms, transmit an intentional musical sense, a call to an intergenerational sound language that travels from continent to continent, creating understanding between distant cultures.”

According to the curator, "it invites us to take a walk and to reflect on an exhibition that shows the complexity of an artistic style" created by a skilled hand, "which is being transmitted to new generations of artists", she said, in reference to Zabell’s teaching work in Granada.

Simon Zabell's exhibition / SUR

The exhibition can be seen at the Museo de Nerja on the town's Plaza de España which is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm.