Officials visit the site. / E. C.

A new, larger health centre in Torre del Mar planned in next couple of years

Officials from the regional government and local council have visited the site designated for the new facility

Eugenio Cabezas

After a decade of waiting, Torre del Mar could be one step closer to having its new health centre in a few years' time.

The current health centre has become too small due to the significant increase in the population of the town.

The Junta de Andalucía delegate for Health and Families, Carlos Bautista, expressed his "firm commitment" to this action while on a visit to the plot of land donated for the health centre by the town council in the last plenary session.

The new centre will house the mental health unit, and will have 24 consultation rooms, four more paediatric rooms, social workers office, physiotherapy and radiology units among others.

"It will be a very large building, a health centre that will last for many years, so that we do not run out of space. This stretch of the coast has seen a very important percentage of population growth over the last few years," said Bautista.