Jasmine Dale was found alive and well by French tourists SUR
Jasmine Dale: 'I was completely stunned when I saw the missing person poster'

Jasmine Dale: 'I was completely stunned when I saw the missing person poster'

The family of the British woman who was travelling alone through Portugal and France issued an urgent appeal after hearing nothing from her for five days

Jennie Rhodes

Monday, 8 May 2023, 14:09


Jasmine Dale, the British woman found alive and well on Friday 5 May by French tourists after her family, who hadn’t heard from her for five days, launched an urgent appeal, has told SUR in English that she was “completely stunned” when the men showed her the missing poster they had spotted online.

Jasmine explained to this newspaper that it was at a camping area in Venialbo (Zamora province) where the four French tourists, whose motorhomes were parked next to hers, identified her. As they had arrived before Jasmine, she went over to ask them if they knew how to get connected to the electricity at the motorhome site.

“They were just going to the office, so they said to follow them. We had to fill in some forms, so they must have seen me write down my full name,” Jasmine explained, adding, “Later on they came to my caravan and showed me the missing person poster they had seen on the internet.”

Lost signal

Jasmine, who is in her early 70s, said that she had lost the signal on her mobile phone and believes that because she had been in rural, mountainous areas, her phone had just not been able to pick up any kind of signal since she left the campsite in Almayate in Malaga province.

She had left her home in Worcestershire in the UK on 13 April in her motorhome, had been travelling through Portugal and Spain and had had regular contact with her three siblings and three children, as well as regularly posting photos on her Facebook page - until that point.

One of the French tourists lent her their phone so that Jasmine could make contact with the family.

“They were very emotional and when I realised what had happened I was shaking like a leaf. We were all sobbing,” Jasmine says.

After turning her phone on and off a few times, it picked up a signal and she was able to use her own phone again. She admits that she hadn’t thought of trying to do so beforehand and thought nothing of being incommunicado for a few days.

No dramas

Meanwhile, one of her sons and her daughter had flown to Malaga and hired a car to try to look for their mother. Their first port of call was the campsite in Almayate, where staff confirmed that Jasmine had left on Sunday 30 April. They then headed in the direction of Granada, which is where the family thought Jasmine was travelling to next.

“I don’t know why they decided that was where I was going. I hadn’t said anything and I don’t tend to decide what my next journey is going to be until the night before. In fact I had a message all prepared to send out on the Sunday morning, but then I lost the signal and it never went out,” she explained.

While the family was distraught and frantically looking for their beloved mum, sister and grandmother, Jasmine said, “I haven’t had any dramas. This trip has been an absolute dream.” While she admits that despite having “travelled all over the world” as a management consultant, she hadn’t left the UK for over three years due to the pandemic and caring for her elderly father.


“It’s true that I was a bit nervous before setting off but once I was behind the wheel, I was absolutely fine.” She added that one of her sons, Paul, is living in Malaysia and "perhaps being further away, I think he got worried and that set everyone else off".

Still, as the saying goes, ‘all’s well that ends well’. Jasmine plans to continue her trip through Spain, which includes spending some time with one of her grandchildren who is flying to Bilbao to meet up with her, before heading back through France towards the UK and home.

As for the family reunion when she does get home, this one is going to take some beating, although Jasmine may have to start saving before another trip as her son Paul joked that the family is “already starting to put together the bills to give to Mum” for the extra costs they have incurred during their mother’s temporary disappearance.


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