Barranco de Maro cave where the incident happened last Friday. E. Cabezas
German man arrested in connection with violent death of compatriot in Nerja jailed without bail

German man arrested in connection with violent death of compatriot in Nerja jailed without bail

A court in Torrox has sent the 40-year-old German national to prison in connection the alleged homicide, while police continue to investigate the case and another incident

Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 16:46


A court in Torrox has this Monday ordered the provisional imprisonment, without bail, of the German man who was arrested last Friday, accused of having beaten a compatriot to death in one of the numerous inhabited caves located in the Barranco de Maro, in the municipality of Nerja.

The court took a statement from the suspect, aged 40 and with initials K. D. and ordered his immediate imprisonment, initially charged with an alleged crime of homicide. He is also being investigated for allegedly causing various injuries to another man, who managed to flee the scene, according to sources from the High Court of Justice of Andalucía (TSJA).

The victim, aged 49 and with the initials W.H., was found dead early on Friday afternoon with severe head trauma. Apparently, both Germans lived in this area of inhabited caves and had a history or disputes and clashes in recent months.

Following a tip-off from several witnesses, Guardia Civil officers, together with the Local Police and the health services, were quickly on the scene. A few hours later, after collecting numerous witness statement, they arrested the German man, who had been living in the area for several months, in one of the numerous inhabited caves in this natural and agricultural environment located between the hamlet of Maro and the town of Nerja.

Second crime so far this year

This is the second crime in this area in less than a year, after a Czech man died at the end of March, believed to be as a result of blows inflicted by another person of the same nationality. That incident happened near the road that connects Maro with the beach, approximately one kilometre from this Friday's events. A Czech national was arrested last July in connection with that case.

Last Friday's incident allegedly originated after several months of disputes and fights between the alleged perpetrator and the victim. Apparently, as SUR has been able to confirm, the alleged perpetrator had written a message on social media networks just ten days ago in which he claimed that he was being threatened with death. "An organised group of criminals is planning to kill me and get rid of my body", he wrote on 28 August on his Facebook profile.

"If I disappear, they murdered me. If they find me at the bottom of a cliff, they pushed me off or threw me off. If I am found dead under any normal or unusual circumstances, I was definitely murdered," said the alleged perpetrator. In the text the detainee pointed the finger at the victim of the fatal incidenrt, with initials W.H., who he described as "a convicted criminal who has been investigated by Europol and has served a considerable amount of time in prison". "He has all the gang tattoos to prove it. He is an alcoholic, a sociopath and pathological liar," he added about a citizen he said is "from the former Soviet Union".





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