View of a traffic jam on the A-7 motorway between Rincón de la Victoria and Malaga city. Ñito Salas
Study aims to solve traffic congestion problems between Malaga and eastern stretch of Costa del Sol

Study aims to solve traffic congestion problems between Malaga and eastern stretch of Costa del Sol

Consultancy company Ayesa has been awarded the contract to look into the transport options between the city and Rincón de la Victoria

Chus Heredia


Friday, 31 May 2024, 12:38


Rush hour congestion on the roads between Malaga city and Rincón de la Victoria in the Axarquía on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol is a nightmare that thousands of drivers face every morning, with few alternatives to private vehicles due to the lack of buses between the two places. There are frequent complaints from users and Rincón town hall, which puts the average daily traffic on the A-7 in this area at 76,400 vehicles.

Now, Spain's ministry of transport is taking a decisive step and has contracted Ayesa Ingeniería y Arquitectura to carry out the study which will determine the best solution for the section of the A-7 between km 962 and 989.

The study will analyse the pros and cons of upgrading the motorway by either increasing capacity, creating a bus-VAO lane (these lanes give priority to vehicles with multiple occupants and to public transport) or even looking at a new layout.

The ministry of transport put out to tender, for 601,446 euros including IVA (Spain's sales tax included), the drafting of the preliminary study of alternatives for the improvement of the state road network in the eastern part of the Greater Malaga area in December 2023.

The purpose of the contract

The preliminary study will gather basic data such as geometry, traffic, non-compliance with current regulations, accident levels, etc. In addition, Ayesa must characterise the territory from a physical, urban and environmental point of view, where the different alternatives are proposed.

It also requires a traffic study of the current situation and of the possible alternatives for action, in particular a new dual carriageway or motorway and analyse the cost and benefit in order to determine the profitability of the alternatives in terms of the expected costs and benefits.

Extension of the access roads between Torremolinos and Clínico hospital

Another project that the ministry of transport has in the pipeline is a third lane between Torremolinos and Malaga, which foresees a new viaduct over the Guadalhorce to the north of the current one at a cost of around 190 million euros. The initial project, which was first considered 14 years ago, was for a bus-VAO lane, but was superseded by this new one.

Similarly, Sando is finalising the project to create a new bus-VAO lane between the A-357 and the police station at a total cost of over eight million euros.

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