Two of the lorries supplying water to Comares every day / E.c.

Axarquía village forced to rely on transported water to tackle drought

The three wells that supply half of Comares have dried up for the first time in decades, and the village is now reliant on the daily transport of 200,000 litres of water by tanker

Eugenio Cabezas

For the first time in decades the three wells that supply 1,400 residents of Comares have dried up. But the 400 affected houses still have running water.

Mayor of Comares Manuel Robles said: “We are having to hire three tankers, which bring us 200,000 litres of water daily to recharge the holding tanks, from an intake in Benamargosa.”

The municipality of Comares covers some 2,500 hectares, with many isolated houses, and only 50 per cent of the population lives in the village.

“Every year we invest between 120,000 and 140,000 euros in improving the supply networks, but this year the drought is bad. The situation is very worrying, it has rained very little and the three wells that we have dried up at the end of August. This had never happened before that I can remember,” said Robles.

“I pray that it starts to rain as soon as possible, and that the reservoir of La Viñuela recovers and the aquifers are recharged, because if we have a dry autumn I do not know what will happen in the coming months to ensure the supply to the population,” he added.

La Viñuela reservoir supplies 180,000 inhabitants and has enough water to continue doing so for the coming months even if there is no rain thanks to a water transfer of up to 400 litres per second from the Malaga.