The scene of the accident, early this Wednesday morning. SUR

Two injured after over drink-drive limit British man ploughs his 'speeding' car into seafront café in Torre del Mar

Police officers arrested the 20-year-old, with the initials J.T.H.R., after he allegedly tried to flee the scene on foot

Eugenio Cabezas

Wednesday, 6 July 2022, 15:44


A 20-year-old British man with the initials J.T.H.R. has been arrested after ploughing into the Solarium café on Torre del Mar’s seafront.

The Local Police officers who attended the scene arrested the man, who lives in Vélez-Málaga, after he tried to flee on foot. When breathalysed he gave a positive result of 0.54 in the first reading and 0.5 in the second, double the maximum permitted rate.

The incident happened shortly after 3am this Wednesday morning (6 July). Most bars, including Solarium had closed, but staff were still clearing up when they and passers-by heard a loud bang. A speeding car had driven over half a dozen bollards at the end of the pedestrian Paseo Larios, invaded the pavement and crashed into the awnings of the terrace of the popular establishment.

Two injured

The owner of the café, Javier Sánchez, told SUR that "fortunately" they were already closed, "otherwise it could have been a much greater misfortune".

He went on to say: "It seems that two cars were racing along the promenade at 90 or 100 kilometres per hour, and the one that was behind overtook at the roundabout by the Paseo de Larios and knocked over the bollards, before it crashed into my establishment.”

A 23-year-old passenger in the car, a Lexus IS 220, was seriously injured and was taken to the Comarcal de la Axarquía hospital.

The mother of one of the employees was in the area and was hurt when chairs and tables were dragged along the pavement by the car. The woman suffered minor injuries but has since been discharged from hospital.

Sánchez explained that were able to open the café on Wednesday morning, although with the terrace reduced due to the damage caused. "I am waiting for the insurance company to respond to me to fix the awnings", he said.

The car ploughed into the terrace of the Solarium Café on Torre del Mar's seafront sur
The cleanup operation on Wednesday morning sur


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