Manuel Lorenzo and Francisco Gallardo with the rescued goat. / sur

Trapped mountain goat kid rescued from dog kennel roof in Frigiliana

Two rural guards and a Local Police officer saved the exhausted animal and were able to reunite it with its mother the next day

Eugenio Cabezas

A baby mountain goat, female and barely a week old, can claim to have three guardian angels. Rural guards Manuel Lorenzo and Julio Fernández, together with Francisco Gallardo, an officer with Frigiliana Local Police, came to its rescue last week after it became trapped on the roof of a dog kennel in the Montecillo Ariza area, in the Sierras Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama natural park.

The owner of the land requested help after his dog, a mastiff, kept barking and he realised the goat was stuck on the kennel roof. The animal was exhausted and had not eaten for over 12 hours, although when they are so young they need to suckle every hour. Luckily, Julio Fernández’s father happens to keep goats and was able to supply half a litre of goat milk which they fed it after getting it down from the kennel.

The following day, as she had recovered, Fernández went back to the area near where she was found and spotted her mother. Very patiently, he waited, and when she was close he let the baby loose, so it could find her. So, thankfully, there was a happy ending after what could have been a very unfortunate incident.

This is not the first goat these two rural guards have been involved in rescuing. In December they assisted one that had been trapped in a poaching snare, which was the second incident of its type. Before that, their only rescue had been of humans: a couple of hikers who had got lost on their way between Frigiliana and the Chíllar river.