La Viñuela reservoir levels remain low despite the recent rainfall / e. cabezas

Axarquía water company appeals for responsible consumption despite recent rainfall

Axaragua is reminding residents that "every drop counts" when it comes to everyday activities like washing the dishes, showering, shaving and using appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines

Jennie Rhodes

Ahead of World Water Day which is tomorrow, Tuesday 22 March, the Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Axarquía, which represents the town halls in the Axarquía area, is calling on residents to think about their water consumption. Despite the recent heavy rainfall, the situation of the Viñuela reservoir remains critical.

The president of Axaragua, José Juan Jiménez said at the launch of the campaign on Monday, "Now more than ever we need to look after every drop of water that comes out of the reservoir and reaches our taps. Taking advantage of World Water Day, we want to remind citizens that their collaboration is very important. No matter how small it may seem, any gesture counts, and together we can all contribute to saving water.”

The vice-president of the publicly-run water company also appealed to residents and visitors to have "a proactive attitude in the face of the drought we are experiencing.” He went on to say, “Consumption is high and needs to be corrected: a shower is better than a bath, when shaving it is not necessary to have the tap running all the time; nor when washing the dishes; and the dishwasher or washing machine should be put on when full."

Campos added that regardless of the state of the reservoirs, "climate change is a reality and water is a scarce, finite and vital resource that must be valued". He pointed out that the average weekly consumption in the Axarquía is 280,000 cubic metres.

Prohibited uses

Campos also mentioned the measures approved by the Junta de Andalucía to preserve water which prohibit the use of water fit for human consumption for street washing, filling swimming pools, watering gardens, public and private parks, golf courses, washing cars outside authorised establishments, ornamental fountains that do not have a closed water circuit, showers and public fountains."

According to the regional administration, "Water that is not fit for human consumption may be used for the irrigation of gardens, public parks and golf courses, restricted to a maximum of 200 cubic metres per hectare per month."

The information and awareness campaign will be disseminated to the different town councils in the Axarquía in the next few days. As well as advising them on how to save water resources, the mancomunidad will also stress the need for councils to "carry out improvements in the downstream supply networks to avoid leaks."