A group of women sitting on the giant bench in Árchez SUR
Axarquía village offers seating for giants

Axarquía village offers seating for giants

The village of Árchez is the latest in Malaga province to install an enormous bench aimed at attracting tourists

Eugenio Cabezas

Thursday, 30 November 2023, 17:25


Árchez is the latest village in Malaga province to install a giant bench at one of its viewpoints in the hope of attracting more visitors. It joins Jubrique, Benahavís, Arriate and Istán, as well as Almuñécar and La Herradura in Granada province.

Árchez already boasts a fourteenth-century ‘alminar’ watchtower as a perfect reminder of the area’s Islamic heritage. Now this small village located in the Axarquía mountains, with just 400 registered residents, has joined the 'giant bench route' and is encouraging people to visit and take a photo while sitting on it.

The giant benches are installations designed as a promotional tourist attraction, offering visitors panoramic views of the villages and/or their surroundings. In Árchez, the handcrafted wooden bench is located at the start of Ruta de los Molinillos (mills hiking route) on the banks of the Turvilla River. It measures 2.3 metres high and four metres wide.

In Jubrique the giant bench is located at the Peñón Encantado viewpoint; the Benahavís bench is located on the Acequia del Guadalmina path; and in Istán there is a bench and a swing, both of which are located at the Las Herrizas viewpoint.

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