The village of Iznate in the Axarquía. E. Cabezas
Axarquía village literally wiped off the map

Axarquía village literally wiped off the map

Residents in Iznate are up in arms over the disappearance of its name from new A-7 motorway signs

Eugenio Cabezas


Wednesday, 26 April 2023, 21:33

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The 900 residents of Iznate in the Axarquía are up in arms after being literally wiped off the map. With the recent change in the numbering system of kilometre points on the A-7 motorway and the replacement of the information panels, the name of the village, located just ten kilometres from the road at the new exit number 960, has been erased.

Mayor of Iznate, Gregorio Campos, held an emergency meeting last week with government’s representative in Málaga, Javier Salas, to address the situation. "We have found to our astonishment that the signposting to Iznate does not appear on these panels," complained the mayor, who has been in office since 2007. "I have conveyed our indignation and complained in the strongest terms about this change," he added.

According to the mayor, Salas has indicated that he will initiate talks with the central government "to gather information and clarify the unpleasant situation that has arisen". Campos thanked Salas for his "prompt response".

“Iznate town hall will of course work to insist that this situation, which is unfair to the interests of the people of Iznate and which could hinder the economic and social development of our village, be reversed," concluded the mayor.

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