The village of Cómpeta in the Axarquía has a large foreign community SUR
Axarquía village celebrates multiculturalism with an international feast

Axarquía village celebrates multiculturalism with an international feast

Cómpeta's Residents' Day takes place on Saturday 29 September and features dishes from 19 of the countries that make up its diverse population

Jennie Rhodes


Wednesday, 27 September 2023, 13:16


Food is at the heart of this year’s Residents’ Day in Cómpeta. As almost half of the population of the Axarquía village is foreign, the event is promoting its rich multicultural offer via the tastebuds.

There are in fact 35 nationalities that make up 1,927 of its just under 4,000-strong population. British, Danish and Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Canadian, Colombian and South African dishes are all being served up this Saturday 30 September from 12pm in the village’s Polideportivo.

Some 25 types of food from 19 different countries are being prepared by local residents who want to showcase their country's cuisine and dishes include Flemish stew from Belgium, maple cream fudge with dried cranberries from Canada, Colombian empanadas, la carbonnade des Ch’tis; a traditional recipe from northern France and Belgium, which unlike its cousin the Boeuf Bourguignon which is cooked with red wine, the carbonnade is cooked with beer.

Indian, Turkish, Polish and more

Vegan bunny chow from India, which according to cook Paul Bailey, “was devised by the railway workers who used to carry their curry to work in a hollowed-out loaf. Despite its name the main meat in the dish is usually chicken. However, the lunch breaks of the Durban Indians was usually a vegan meal and they adapted the recipe.” Paul points out that “no bunnies were harmed in the making of this dish!”

Other food on offer includes melanzane alla parmigiana (eggplants parmigiana) and fresh pasta from Italy, shamrock shortbread from Northern Ireland, bigos from Poland, which cook Anna Maria Mietlicka describes as a dish that “includes various types of meat, fresh and smoked, sausages, fresh and sauerkraut, dried mushrooms, tomato puree, spices and red wine”.

From Scotland there is haggis bon bons with a whisky sauce, baboti from South Africa, moreo and tuna empanada from Spain, kålpudding from Sweden, baklava from Turkey, trifle and scones with jam and cream from England and Welsh oggie and Welsh cakes, obviously from Wales!

Each tapa costs one euro and five-euro food vouchers can be purchased at the event. "There are around 35 different nationalities living here and food and drink is always a wonderful way to unite people in sharing culture, getting to know and share differences and co-exist in a relaxed environment, with music food and drink and then added to, is for an excellent cause,” explained councillor Marius Lawrence Jonker, who is originally from South Africa.


As well as the food, there will be live music from Four Accoustic Men, Miguel Botana, David Parker, El Zumbido, Andrew Skatz and Mitch France. There is also a tombola and an awards ceremony.

Jonker went on to say, “It is an important day in Cómpeta as the uniting of residents and tourists is valid and important for all small villages who rely and live on the tourism trade. It is the residents that do the work and continue to make the village a place that everyone wants to visit.”

All proceeds from the day will go to Cáritas and Todo Ayuda; a project that helps rehome abandoned and rescue animals in the Axarquía area.

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