The Gálvez family tree appears in one of the books bought by Macharaviaya town hall SUR
Axarquía village acquires documents about American Independence war hero

Axarquía village acquires documents about American Independence war hero

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The books about the Gálvez family, who lived in Macharaviaya, date from the 18th century and will be exhibited in the local museum

Eugenio Cabezas

Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 15:26


Macharaviaya town hall has acquired a collection of personal documents belonging to the illustrious Gálvez family, who lived in the Axarquía village and whose relative Bernardo de Gálvez played a vital role during the American war of independence.

These 18th-century hand-written documents includes the family’s various coats of arms and a family tree, baptism and marriage certificates, wills, acknowledgements of nobility in Macharaviaya and in other towns such as Cártama, Coín, Antequera and Santaella; the Gálvez lawsuit for the private seat in the church of Macharaviaya among other objects.

The volume concludes with a brief family history in the handwriting of Miguel de Gálvez, with interesting facts about the daily life of this family, incliuding the accident of Matías de Gálvez, who nearly died as a child when he fell down a well.

Second-hand bookshop

The book, entitled 'Blasón, genealogía e instrumentos calificativos de los Gálvez de Macharaviaya' was found by the researcher José Luis Cabrera for sale in Capitel, a second-hand bookshop in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

The book itself tells its story. Miguel de Gálvez, the compiler of this documentation, gave it in 1788 to his brother José, Minister of the Indies and Marquis of Sonora, to keep until he returned from his missions as ambassador. However, Miguel never returned to Spain as he died in the city of Gotha in Germany.

The perfectly preserved volume "was undoubtedly inherited", according to José Luis Cabrera, by the minister's daughter, María Josefa de Gálvez y Valenzuela, second Marquise of Sonora, who died childless, and it possibly remained the property of the descendants of her widower, the Count of Castroterreño, until it was sold.

This discovery coincides with the appearance of another book with the handwritten proof that Miguel de Gálvez was accepted into the Royal Order of Carlos III, which has been "generously" ceded to Macharaviaya by the heirs of Juan Ortega.

A dossier in which other well-known Malaga personalities including the dean of the cathedral, the Marquis of Vado del Maestre and the Counts of Mollina and Villalcázar de Sirga acted as witnesses. Both books will be presented to the village museum on 24 March at 8pm at San Jacinto de Macharaviaya parish church.




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