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Axarquía police crack down on private hire vehicles

Axarquía police crack down on private hire vehicles

Four of the 61 drivers caught in Rincón de la Victoria are facing criminal proceedings


Thursday, 18 May 2023


Rincón de la Victoria Local Police have caught 61 private hire vehicle (VTC) drivers with irregularities in their licences as part of ongoing surveillance of this type of transport, which applies to unofficial taxis, Uber and other private hire vehicles that come with drivers.

The drivers now face fines for not meeting the requirements for obtaining a licence, despite providing the service, and they have been reported to the Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT) for irregularities in their documentation.

According to a statement from Rincon de la Victoria town hall, the objective of the surveillance is to detect irregularities in the documentation of vehicles, which in some cases may lead to the driver being charged with a criminal offence.

The presence of VTCs affects taxi drivers who are licenced through the town hall, taking away their business. To date, criminal proceedings have started in four of the 61 cases.

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