Some of the group on the Balcón de Europa. PETER MACLEOD
The international community on the Costa marks Russian invasion of Ukraine anniversary

The international community on the Costa marks Russian invasion of Ukraine anniversary


Passers-by joined the group for a five-minute silence near the Balcón de Europa in Nerja at midday this Friday 24 February

Jennie Rhodes

Friday, 24 February 2023

Nerja's international community came together this Friday 24 February to mark the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. A group gathered outside the town hall and as the church clock struck midday, the group, as well as tourists and other passers-by in the area, stood silent for five minutes.

Peter MacLeod, Chair of Nerja's 41 Club and host to two of the Ukrainian refugees who arrived in the Axarquía by bus in March last year said, «When the five minutes was over there was no laughter. The group split into smaller units, talking quietly amongst themselves, comparing stories of loss or of persons saved or found to be alive. The mood was sombre and arms were put round shoulders.»

The group gathered outside Nerja town hall. PETER MACLEOD.

In March 2022 a bus brought 57 refugees from the Poland-Ukraine border to the Axarquía. The operation was organised by long-term Ukrainian resident Viktor Zolotukhin and his uncle Vasily, along with volunteers from the local foreign and Spanish communities.

One of the Ukrainians who came to the Axarquía in March 2022. PETER MACLEOD

Individuals, private companies and local organisations all helped to welcome the refugees and provide accommodation in the local area, help with integration and other basic necessities.

MacLeod told SUR in English that some of the group have moved on to the USA, Poland France and other parts of Spain, but many still remain in the Axarquía.




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