Patrick Polspoel is on the PSOE list in Cútar. SUR
'All amenities are available, but the villages are lacking people'
Local elections 2023

'All amenities are available, but the villages are lacking people'

PSOE Cútar ·

Patrick Polspoel is originally from Belgium and has had a house in the village since 2014

Jennie Rhodes

Monday, 22 May 2023, 07:43


Patrick Polspoel has had a property in the village of Cútar in the Axarquía since 2014, where he has lived permanently since 2021.

He is number five on the PSOE list for the forthcoming local elections. Patrick, who is originally from Belgium, told SUR In English that his decision to stand this year comes from wanting "to be closer to the people and to be the voice of the foreigners".

Patrick speaks Dutch, French, English, German and basic Spanish, so is ideally placed to be able to help the foreign community in the village. "I am open for conversations in five languages," he explained.

For Patrick the priority must be "to make the pueblos more accessible for young families". He said it "is the most important" issue for town halls to tackle and added, "All amenities are available, but lacking people to enjoy it."

This is the first time that he has been involved in politics and says that as he is "retired" he has a lot of "time to spend" getting involved in village life and helping fellow foreign residents.


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