Number of attacks on health care workers in Malaga on track to double this year

Number of attacks on health care workers in Malaga on track to double this year

Two bodies for medical professionals have launched a 'Don't attack me, don't threaten me. It's a crime' campaign to raise awareness of the problem

Iván Gelibter


Friday, 10 March 2023, 20:15


The College of Physicians along with the Malaga Medical Union have demanded action following an alarming increase in attacks on medical workers in the province.

According to representatives from the two bodies for medical professional, in January and February alone, 13 attacks were recorded by the legal department of the College of Physicians of Malaga (Commálaga), an increase of eight when compared to last year. If this trend was to continue 2023 would see more than double the number of incidents reported in 2022.

“We will not stop repeating that our policy towards attacks on staff is a zero-tolerance one. Doctors need to go to work safely. Can you imagine going to work every day knowing that at any moment you can be insulted, threatened or hit?’ said the president of the Malaga doctors, Pedro J. Navarro.

According to data, of the 22 attacks that happened in 2022, some 14 were against women and eight against men. The College of Physicians warned last year of the increase in attacks on female doctors. Of the 22 incidents, 18 were registered in the public health service and four in the private sector. The College of Physicians expressed concern that 64% of the aggressors are under 40 years of age.

The majority of the victims continued to work despite being the victim if an attack, while only two physicians requested sick leave after the incident,

'Don't attack me, don't threaten me. It's a crime'

The College of Physicians and the Medical Union announced a publicity campaign to raise public awareness with the slogan 'Don't attack me, don't threaten me. It's a crime'.

As of Friday, March 10, buses from Malaga city, as well as the inter-urban buses to Vélez-Málaga and Marbella, will be carrying the motto to raise awareness among people, reminding them that threatening or assaulting their doctor is a crime. The campaign will last two months.

Likewise, an advert with the same message can be seen on the interior screens of the buses of Malaga's municipal transport company (EMT), as well as on the El Corte Inglés big screen. The campaign began in 2017 and has been repeated at around this time every year.

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