Image of the arrested man in a gaming room. POLICÍA ANDALUCÍA

Man arrested after swindling 17,000 euros on roulette in Costa del Sol gaming halls

He used what is known as the 'fisherman' method and was working in conjunction with two others who made previous visits to select the roulette games in Malaga, Benálmadena, Torremolinos and Vélez-Malaga



Friday, 29 April 2022, 13:28


A middle-aged man has been arrested by police for swindling over 17,000 euros from roulette machines in gambling halls in Malaga, Benálmadena, Torremolinos and Vélez-Malaga.

He used the traditional ‘fisherman’ method, which consists of inserting a two-euro coin attached to a fine fishing line into the slot of the roulette machine until it triggers the coin box, obtaining credit to play, and then pulling the coin out again.

He would keep repeating this operation until he finally won the prize. However, despite this method being so rudimentary, it needs great skill to avoid the alarms with which these machines are fitted, and it is usually only used by people with extensive experience in these types of games.

The man who has been arrested was operating with two others who have also been identified; they would visit the halls beforehand to select the roulettes, and would keep a lookout and distract attention while the fraud was going on.

The police say the group was perfectly organised and coordinated, and was discovered thanks to the National Police Gaming Control Service. The fraudsters have been operating in Valencia and Murcia, as well as in Andalucía.


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