Police arrest wrong-way driver, four times over alcohol limit, on Malaga motorway

Police arrest wrong-way driver, four times over alcohol limit, on Malaga motorway

A police patrol vehicle chased the motorist for several kilometres along the A-45 at high speed and several vehicles had to swerve out of the way to avoid a head-on collision



Monday, 8 August 2022, 16:02

A 35-year-old man has been arrested by police for reckless behaviour at the wheel of his vehicle as he passed through Antequera on the A-45: he was driving in the opposite direction to traffic on the carriageway, at high speed and with almost four times the permitted amount of alcohol in his blood.

The National Police force, said the suspect was chased for several kilometers by a patrol from the Antequera police station, which finally managed to block his path to carry out the arrest although, allegedly, the individual made a last attempt to escape on foot once the officers had stopped the vehicle.

It was around 4.30am on Sunday morning when the vehicle was first spotted on the A-45 motorway heading towards Malaga at high speed and in the opposite direction to traffic on the carriageway. Police said that several lorries and cars were forced to swerve and brake to avoid a collision.

During the police chase, which lasted for several kilometres, the individual ignored the numerous stop signals made by the officers to stop, also ignoring the sirens and lights of the patrol car.

At one point, the police car managed to overtake the suspect's vehicle to block his path. Once they managed to get the driver to stop the car he apparently made one last attempt to flee, but police chased him on foot before arresting the driver.

The officers verified that he showed signs of being under the influence of alcoholic and a Guardia Civil traffic patrol was requested to perform a breathalyser test.

The individual was almost four times over the legal limit, producing a result of 0.97 milligrams per litre in expired air, when the maximum that is allowed is 0.25 mg/l.

The driver was arrested for his alleged crime against road safety and another of resisting arrest.



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