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Motorway lorry driver tests five times over the drink-drive limit

Other motorists on the A-92M alerted the police to the articulated goods vehicle being driven erratically


Alarmed motorists didn’t hesitate to alert the emergency services after they witnessed a lorry being driven erratically on the A-92M in Malaga province.

When Guardia Civil traffic officers pulled over the articulated heavy goods vehicle they suspected the driver had been drinking alcohol and gave him a breathalyser test.

The test was positive with a result in exhaled air of 0.81 mg/l, that is five times the maximum level of alcohol allowed for professional drivers (0.15mg/l).

The lorry driver has been reported for an alleged crime of reckless driving and another for driving under the influence of alcohol, and could face a court in Antequera..

The Guardia Civil has reminderd motorists that such crimes carry penalties ranging from six months to two years in prison and a driving ban from one to six years.