The storm flood the streets of Sierra de Yegua. SUR

Watch as heavy downpour and hailstorm causes flooding in north of Malaga province

The municipality of Sierra de Yeguas has suffered damage and sinkholes have opened up in some areas this Friday afternoon

Alba Tenza


Friday, 15 September 2023, 19:49


A heavy downpour of rain and a hailstorm caused some serious flooding in the streets of Sierra de Yeguas in the north of Malaga province this Friday afternoon (15 September).

"We were already on an amber alert by issued by state weather agency (Aemet), and at around 2.30pm the heavy storm began and lasted until approximately 3pm," the mayor of Sierra de Yeguas, Miguel Ángel Sánchez, told SUR.

In a matter of 30 minutes, residents of the town in the Antequera area had to take precautions to avoid damage from this storm. "Some 60mm have fallen," said the local councillor. The water flooded a large part of the town although, according to local residents, these floods are common in Sierra de Yeguas due to its location.

A sinkhole caused by the hail storm in the old town.
A sinkhole caused by the hail storm in the old town. Sur

The most affected areas were those near the Fuente de Piedra and the Antequera roads. In fact, the storm even caused sinkholes to appear in some streets of the town centre, as well as damage to some rural roads. Residents took precautions following a warning from the town hall itself on social media networks.

"We asked that no one go out in their cars because of the state of alert, as well as not to go to pick up the children from school or go along the Fuente de Piedra road," said the mayor.

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