File photo of a stretch of the A-92. / google maps

Four injured in two traffic accidents caused by a stray cow on dual carriageway in Archidona

The animal had wandered onto the A-92 and was hit by the cars at kilometre 2 near Venta Paneque


Four people were injured in two accidents late on Sunday night when a cow wandered onto the A-92 dual carriageway at Archidona, the Junta's 112 emergency service control centre has reported.

The accidents occurred at kilometre 2 in the Malaga direction, near Venta Paneque, at 11pm. After the first car collided with the cow it was dazed and stumbling along the road and was then hit by another vehicle, according to the Guardia Civil.

All four of the injured, who included two people in their early twenties, were transferred to hospital in Antequera.