A judge asked the Guardia Civil to investigate. / sur

Civil Registry worker arrested for charging for free services, such as registering births and deaths, in Malaga province

The Guardia Civil seized three notebooks with copies of invoices from the past 17 years and their investigation is continuing to see if anyone else was involved


An employee at the Civil Registry in Cuevas de San Marcos has been arrested by the Guardia Civil, accused of committing a crime against the public administration.

He is said to have taken money from people at the Civil Registry and the office of the Justice of the Peace for services which should have been free of charge, such as registering births and deaths. He would issue official-looking invoices with the official stamp of the Civil Registry.

The investigators believe the offences began back in 2005 and have been continuing all this time, but it was not until June this year that a company which had been wrongly charged began legal proceedings at the court in Archidona and the judge asked the Guardia Civil to investigate.

Officers seized three notebooks containing handwritten copies of numerous invoices which had been issued during the past 17 years, all of them illegal. They were also able to see that the amount he had charged had gone up over the years, starting at 15 euros in the early days and increasing to 78 euros more recently.

The investigation is continuing, to ascertain whether anyone else was involved and try to identify other victims of the fraud.