The installation of the new bridge. / SUR

Campillos installs new 20-metre-high bridge to alleviate flooding during extreme weather

The mayor of the town said that the 260,000 euro bridge was part of commitment that was made after carrying out a flooding study following the torrential rains of 2018

Andrea Jiménez

A new 20-metre-high bridge has been installed in the Camino de los Pilones district of Campillos to alleviate the problem of flooding in times of extreme weather.

The infrastructure, which has been constructed over the Rincón stream as it passes through Los Pilones, is 20.5 metres in length and includes two lanes for road traffic and two pedestrian walkways.

The bridge is one of the works included in the hydrological and hydraulic study, a project which suggests different preventive measures during the heavy rain season.

The study also contemplates the raising of the bridge on Avenida Diego Gutiérrez Mudarra (the road that connects Campillos with Teba), as well as the construction of various drainage channels to collect and channel the water that enters the town centre from the area around the trading estate, and from the highest parts of the town and the motorhome park.

The bridge cost 260,000 euros and has been co-financed by the provincial authority (220,000 euros) and by municipal funds (40,000 euros).

The mayor of Campillos, Francisco Guerrero, pointed out that the work was part of a commitment that was made after carrying out the flooding study after the torrential rains of 2018.

“It is a large project at an economic level, but one that we had to address head-on. It is an infrastructure that will improve the transit of people and vehicles, and also involves an improvement and widening of the Rincón stream, which will significantly reduce the risk of flooding,” the mayor said.