One of the cameras installed at the entrances to Almargen. / SUR

Almargen installs number plate cameras to improve safety

A total of 18 surveillance cameras have been installed at strategic locations. The town hall says they will alert the police to possible crimes and also improve road safety


Almargen town hall has installed security cameras to monitor vehicles at the entrances to the town and also in the built-up areas in order to create an automatic database to alert the police of possible crimes, and also improve road safety.

A total of 18 surveillance cameras have been installed at strategic locations throughout different areas of the municipality, an initiative that the council claims is a “pioneering” measure.

The cameras have been active since April and will serve to detect and record the number plates of all the vehicles that enter and leave Almargen.

The registration plates are automatically filed in a database at a new office located in headquarters of the Local Police. The images captured by the cameras are stored in a computer and, in compliance with the current data protection law, are automatically deleted after a few months.

The council stressed that the police are the “only authorised personnel” to have access to view and process these recordings, which, they say, “will undoubtedly create a precedent that will soon be seen it in more locations”.