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Man accused of stabbing ex-partner in Estepona found hanging in prison cell

Man accused of stabbing ex-partner in Estepona found hanging in prison cell

The man, in custody for attempted homicide, took his own life after officials counted prisoners early on Tuesday morning at Alhaurín de la Torre jail


Wednesday, 11 January 2023, 14:51


A man who allegedly stabbed his ex-partner several times in Estepona in December was found dead on Tuesday, 10 January, in Alhaurín de la Torre prison. According to sources consulted, the man hanged himself after the routine morning inmate count.

The discovery took place at around 8.30 am in his cell, located in module three of the Malaga prison. ABC newspaper reported that the inmate used a shoelace to hang himself.

The judicial authority in Estepona had ordered his custodial detention after he allegedly stabbed his ex-partner eight times in the back on 19 December in the presence of their young daughters.

The incident occurred when the 42-year-old woman got home from work. When she arrived, just after 8.30pm, she was confronted in the doorway by her ex-partner, from whom she had been separated for two years, and who had just been released from prison. He allegedly intended to go inside her flat, but the two met at the top of a stairway.

The man, who was 48 years old, took out a knife hidden in his pocket and attacked his ex-partner, according to the sources consulted. Their children, who were inside the house, came out when they heard the commotion on the landing and witnessed their father attacking their mother.

Despite the daughters' intervention, the suspect allegedly stabbed the woman eight times. The victim was taken to hospital in a serious condition, although her progress has been favourable. The man was arrested for an alleged crime of attempted homicide and the judicial authority ordered him to be remanded in custody on 22 December.




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