Aemet forecasts rain from Tuesday onwards in Malaga and on Costa del Sol due to arrival of new 'dana'
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Aemet forecasts rain from Tuesday onwards in Malaga and on Costa del Sol due to arrival of new 'dana'

"The rain, which could be strong in intensity, will be persistent and also be accompanied by hail and thunderstorms," in some areas of the Spanish mainland according to the weather agency's spokesperson Rubén del Campo

Almudena Nogués


Monday, 18 September 2023, 13:50


It's going to be another wet week for much of Spain. The arrival of a new 'dana' (an isolated depression at high levels) will complicate the weather from tomorrow, Tuesday, leaving in its wake "rain and stormy showers, which could locally be strong in intensity, will be persistent and could also be accompanied by hail," in areas of the east of the mainland and the Balearic Islands, according to the spokesperson for the state weather agency (Aemet) Rubén del Campo.

After a Monday of transition (with highs of 31C in Malaga city), instability will return to the province from Tuesday onwards. At the moment, the Aemet has set the possibility of rainfall in Malaga at 85% from tomorrow afternoon. Temperatures will also fall: the mercury will not exceed 27 degrees.

"In the Andalusian Mediterranean coast areas there is a greater probability of thunderstorms tomorrow and early Wednesday morning. At the moment, the two main weather models place the Dana in the area around the Gulf of Cadiz, but with some differences. The greatest probability of showers will be tomorrow evening and early morning in the province of Almeria and the easternmost part of Granada and Jaén provinces, where yellow weather warnings have just been activated", explained local weather expert José Luis Escudero in his SUR blog 'Tormentas y Rayos' (Storms and Lightning) .

At the moment, the Aemet forecast for Andalucía on Tuesday is "partly cloudy skies with intervals of high clouds, increasing during the day to cloudy from south to north, without ruling out rain showers, more intense from the afternoon onwards, when they will be accompanied by thunderstorms and may be locally strong. The maximum temperatures will drop on the Mediterranean slope and in the other areas, while the winds will blow lightly, veering to the east on the Mediterranean slope.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, the state weather agency forecasts a worse scenario in the region, with "cloudy or overcast skies with showers and widespread thunderstorms, which may be locally strong or persistent" at the start of the day. During the afternoon the situation will tend to normalise. In Malaga, the probability of rain is 65% until midday, when the percentage drops to an anecdotal 5%.

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