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Well-known Spanish actor has died after car plunges into Rincón river bed

Well-known Spanish actor has died after car plunges into Rincón river bed

The vehicle, driven by 72-year-old Chete Lera, left the road and fell some 50-metres down an embankment into a dry river bed in Calle del Río on Thursday evening

Irene Quirante


Friday, 20 May 2022, 11:55

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Well-known Spanish actor Chete Lera (real name Ramón Mariano Fernández Lera) has been killed in a traffic accident in Rincón de la Victoria. The accident happened on Thursday evening when the car driven by the actor, 72, left the road and fell down a slope to a dry riverbed in Calle del Río. A witness raised the alarm at 6.50pm.When the emergency services arrived on the scene, they confirmed that Lera was dead.

Spain's Royal Film Academy has paid tribute to Chete Lera, who had been in more than 50 films including La Ardilla Roja, by Julio Medem; Secretos del Corazón, by Montxo Armendáriz; Familia y Barrio, by Fernando León de Aranoa; Abre los Ojos, by Alejandro Amenábar; Flores de Otro Mundo, by Icíar Bollaín; and Imanol Uribe’s Plenilunio.

He won the award for Best Actor at the Malaga Festival in 2002, with the rest of the cast of Smoking Room, by Julio Wallovits and Roger Gual. He was also very well-known as a stage actor, where he has performed in productions directed by José Luis Gómez, Lluís Homar and Gerardo Vera.

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