Mayor of Mijas, Josele González
Government authorises project to stop La Cala beach erosion

Government authorises project to stop La Cala beach erosion

Mijas council and Madrid have worked together to identify three alternative solutions to the long-standing problem

Ivan Gelibter

Saturday, 24 April 2021, 07:03


A long-term solution to sand erosion on La Cala's beaches could now be a step nearer after several years of deliberation.

Mayor of Mijas Josele González and the local councillor for Infrastructure José Carlos Martín have made a joint announcement with the central government's official representative in Malaga, Teófilo Ruiz, that the council has permission to draw up a plan to stop sand disappearing from the Bombo and Butibamba beaches, especially on the stretch known as Los Cordobeses.

In addition to an ongoing EU study, the national government ordered a smaller, quicker simulation of the evolution of the Mijas coastline. This research has led to the conclusion that the need is urgent and has proposed three alternative solutions.

The mayor explained, "We have been working with the government's Coastal authority for a while and this study aims to solve a long-standing problem for Mijas residents."

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