Old Hotel Califa facing demolition as council declares it in a state of ruin

Ortiz, left, visits the site with councillors this week.
Ortiz, left, visits the site with councillors this week. / SUR
  • The decision has been taken primarily to protect local residents' safety, as well as to regenerate the area

Now that five official requests to secure the building have gone unanswered, the mayor of Torremolinos, José Ortiz, this week announced that the town hall has initiated proceedings to declare the two buildings that make up the former Hotel Califa in a state of ruin.

According to Ortiz, the council has repeatedly warned the buildings' owners, issued fines, bricked up the entrances and put up a perimeter fence but received no response.

The buildings, located in the town centre, have been in a state of neglect and deterioration for years, he added. "Our absolute priority is to guarantee the safety of the residents of the area and to promote the regeneration of this area of our town," said Ortiz.

Therefore, the decision has been taken to officially declare it in a state of ruin. "This means that the owners will have to repair or improve the property as soon as possible or it will have to be demolished," he said, adding: "Our intention is to find a definitive solution that provides security."