Protesters vow to fight against construction of much-needed treatment plant

Protesters on the land where the plant is set to be built.
Protesters on the land where the plant is set to be built. / A. Jiménez
  • A thousand signatures have been collected from locals around the Alhaurín de la Torre area who believe that the proposed location of the new Málaga Norte plant would "destroy this unique area"

Residents in the Mestanza area of Alhaurín de la Torre have come together to form a new platform to fight against the location of the much-needed new Málaga Norte treatment plant (EDAR).

Under the banner "Let's save the Guadalhorce. Sewage treatment yes, but not here", the protesters have collected more than 1,000 signatures from people who believe that, while the plant is necessary, the chosen location will "destroy this unique area".

As well as having an "enormous visual impact" on the area, they say that the EDAR will destroy protected species, devalue the local economy and pose further risk of flooding. What's more, they believe that the public consultation phase was carried out in an underhand manner - during August when many people were away.

The project has also been rejected by the town council which has asked the Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development to provide technical justification as to why the alternative of extending the existing plant on the Guadalhorce industrial estate was ruled out.