Investigation concludes Moliere Playa beach bar fire was started by accident

The flames ripped through the establishment.
The flames ripped through the establishment. / SUR
  • No one was injured as flames swept through the premises on Torremolinos seafront on Saturday

The Moliere Playa beach bar on the Torremolinos promenade was "completely destroyed", according to several witnesses, after a fire swept through the premises on Saturday afternoon.

The flames, which were first noted around noon, quickly burned the bar's structure and were carried by the wind to several palm trees nearby.

An investigation into the event, which fortunately did not result in any injuries, concluded that the fire was started by accident.

Five teams from the Torremolinos fire department were dispatched to the scene and the flames were brought under control within an hour but work had to be carried out to prevent a further outbreak.

To help extinguish the flames, members of the municipal cleaning company, Litosa, helped remove waste from the area around the establishment. The Local Police's help was also required to cordon off the area and divert traffic onto alternative routes with the smoke impeding visibility.

Imminent closure

Prior to the fire, the beach bar's owners had announced on its official Facebook account (which has more than 25,000 followers) that Tuesday 7 January was to be its final day in operation.

The message read: "After fifteen wonderful years, the time has come to say goodbye". "We feel proud of our team for having formed a family based on a lot of effort, work and love, but above all we feel proud of the love we have received," it continued.

Many of the reactions to this publication were of disbelief, as it was created on 28 December (Spain's equivalent of April Fools' Day) and many thought it was a joke. However, as SUR was able to confirm from sources close to the establishment's management, the closure of the premises was imminent, as the owners intended to change its name and concept following a refurbishment.