Plane to Germany sends out a mayday call minutes after leaving Malaga Airport

The Lauda plane after landing in Malaga.
The Lauda plane after landing in Malaga. / SUR
  • The pilot of the Lauda Air flight detected a problem with an engine and safely carried out an emergency landing

A plane from Lauda Air en route to Dusseldorf made an emergency landing at Malaga Airport on Thursday morning.

According to official sources, the maneouvre was carried out safely and the plane asked the control tower for permission to take off again a short time later.

The pilot had radioed a local warning a few minutes before 11am and, guided by the air-traffic controllers, returned to ground. Reports said the flight sent out the mayday call when a fault in a motor was detected. The airport emergency procedure was activated, meaning the Lauda jet was given complete priority to return.

The plane was on its way to Dusseldorf (flight OE3225) and was scheduled to leave at 10.12am and should have reached the German city at 12.30am.

The aircraft taxied without difficulty to its stand and the passengers we taken off the plane, according to control-tower sources. In more serious incidents, a plane is normally held on the runway after an emergency landing, but this did not happen with the Lauda Air flight.