Green light for the park at Campamento Benítez in Malaga after being blocked for two years

The Benítez park opened as a temporary facility in the summer of 2017.
The Benítez park opened as a temporary facility in the summer of 2017. / MIGUE FERNANDEZ
  • An agreement with the Junta will enable Malaga council to start work on the project to create a nature and recreational facility on the site

It doesn't seem long ago that a picnic area appeared at the Campamento Benítez, along with an array of waste paper bins and paths to walk or cycle through the pine woods, and since it opened in the summer of 2017 it has become a favourite leisure area for many people in Malaga.

This resolution from the Junta removes the two final obstacles which were holding the project up. It has accepted the appeal from city hall for this future park to be treated as a public works project and not an urbanisation, because the plans aim to enhance its natural and environmental values.

The other objection from the regional government was to the council's plans to widen the Arroyo del Cañuelo stream, because it was in possession of a report saying that the stream is inhabited by spadefoot toads, a species which is in danger of extinction.

The works, which will cost about 6.1 million euros and include a pedestrian bridge over the stream, will now be able to go ahead as long as the council applies a series of measures which will create a suitable habitat for these endangered toads, so they can remain in their chosen location.