Police raid Banús Saturday market and seize fake goods

A stall at the well-known market during the police raid.
A stall at the well-known market during the police raid. / C.M.
  • Almost 900 fake items were seized

A police raid on the market in Puerto Banús last Saturday resulted in almost 900 items of fake Ralph Lauren and Moncler clothing and home textiles being seized.

The goods were being offered for sale on two stalls run by the same owner at the popular market next to the bullring in Nueva Andalucía. As well as Local Police and Guardia Civil, there was also a legal representative of the two brands.

The raid began at 10.45am and officers went firstly to the stall dedicated to selling allegedly fake Moncler goods from Italy, followed by the stall selling goods supposedly from Ralph Lauren.

Initially investigators started to record each item one by one, but realising the large amount to be recorded decided to take them all away in bags to be written down later at a municipal storeroom.

"I know what I am doing is wrong, but it's a sick joke doing this to me today," said the owner, referring to last Saturday being the busiest shopping day of the year ahead of the Three Kings gift-giving festival the next day.