Historic building in Nerja town centre to be pulled down this month

The Giner de los Ríos centre is in Calle Diputación in the centre of Nerja.
The Giner de los Ríos centre is in Calle Diputación in the centre of Nerja. / E. Cabezas
  • The town hall is developing plans to replace the Giner de los Ríos with a multipurpose space with capacity for large-scale events

The Giner de los Ríos centre on Calle Diputación in Nerja, just 200 metres from the Balcón de Europa, is to be pulled down later this month, once the Christmas period has ended. Work to demolish the centre is expected to take around 30 days.

The building has been in use for over four decades and started its life as the Paz primary school for 25 years before being renamed after Maestro Joaquín Herrera. The building was then used at the headquarters for a number of local associations and workshop space before being converted into the town's Salvador Rueda public library. More recently it formed part of the town hall premises. The building is now showing signs of deterioration and architectural problems.

At the start of the new millennium, the then Partido Popular administration at Nerja town hall, led by José Alberto Armijo, developed plans to pull it down and build a multipurpose centre in its place. However, the town hall was unable to secure funds from other public sources for the project and it never came to fruition.

The current socialist coalition promised to go ahead with the plans set by the previous administration when they won the 2015 elections.

Space for large-scale events

The town hall hopes to construct a new multipurpose social and cultural space which would be able to hold both large-scale indoor and outdoor events. Councillors say that it would complement the existing Centro Cultural de la Villa, which only has a capacity for 300 people.

Current plans for the new building include parking spaces and it has been costed at five million euros. No further information has been given as to whether the plans have been confirmed.