A poker game in Marbella Casino
1,000 poker players expected to fill Marbella's hotels at the end of the month

1,000 poker players expected to fill Marbella's hotels at the end of the month

The biggest event in the Pokerstars Festival calendar is set to take place in Marbella this month

Mónica Pérez

Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 08:40


The International Pokerstars championship, which will take place in Marbella Casino between 19 and 25 June, is expected to draw in 1,000 poker players from all over the world, who will in turn provide the town's hotels with around 5,000 overnight stays.

Last year the same event attracted 844 players, however Pokerstars Festival, the organisation behind the championship, anticipates this year to be bigger and better as an extra day has been added and around two million euros is expected to be won by players.

The casino, which describes the tournament as an international meeting of the biggest stars in poker, has also predicted that the many participants will have a very positive impact on restaurants and businesses along the Costa del Sol. Indeed, hotels have already started to take reservations from players coming for the tournament.

The official language of the tournament is English as players, who have to pay 1,100 euros to compete, are expected to come from Denmark, Poland, Romania, Malta and even Australia, among other countries.

The casino has hired 130 extra staff, including croupiers, chefs, waiters and security, to cater for the large number of players the event will bring.

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