Tips to keeping your house warm during cold snaps

Tips to keeping your house warm during cold snaps

With electricity prices so high at the moment, if you have to resort to using electrical appliances to heat your home then you will want to get the most out of them

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Friday, 3 February 2023, 10:47

Keep an eye on the weather

On a lovely, sunny day open the blinds and the curtains to let the natural warmth of the sun into your rooms. Do this too when it is warmer outside than in. However, as soon as the sun starts to dip, it's time to draw the curtains and close the blinds to prevent the heat escaping through the glass.

Stop cold draughts

Seal any gaps you can with foam adhesive strips or push material into gaps. Stuffed material 'sausages' laid across the base of doors will stop draughts from seeping under. You can also hang curtains over doorways and a transparent shower curtain hung in front of windows will stop draughts but let the sun through.

Minimise living space

Minimise your living space by firmly closing the doors on any rooms you are not using, this will concentrate any warm air in the rooms that you do use.

Clear space around heaters

Whatever type of heater you have, make sure that there is nothing placed near it that absorbs the heat or stops it circulating in the room. This includes sofas, tables, stools etc. For safety, heaters should be kept at least a metre from any furniture.



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