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FreakCon: 'These conventions are safe places for fans to get together and dress up. They are important'

FreakCon: 'These conventions are safe places for fans to get together and dress up. They are important'

On the Harry Potter and Father Brown actor's first ever visit to Malaga, Mark Williams had time to visit the port, the cathedral and the Picasso museum

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Friday, 10 March 2023, 01:00


British actor Mark Williams was in Malaga last weekend for the city's seventh FreakCon event.

In an interview with SUR the Harry Potter (he played Arthur Weasley) and Father Brown actor confessed that it was his first time in the city and revealed that he had had some time to do a spot of sightseeing.

Showing off that he knows a few words in Spanish and reaching for the translator on his mobile phone when some of his answers get lost in translation, the actor said during the interview, which took place on the Cathedral rooftop terrace of the OXO Videogame Museum, that one of his visits was to the Picasso museum and he also headed to the city's cathedral.

When told that he was the star guest at the FreakCon convention, he replied modestly: “Am I the star?”

Malaga gets its FreakCon


The seventh FreakCon event took place last weekend in Malaga with over 30 professional presentations, workshops and competitions, tattoo exhibitions, artisan stalls and the traditional artist alley.

Strolling through the different areas of the event at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos building it was obvious that word had got out that Mr Weasley was going to be there and some of the other participants had dressed up as their favourite Harry Potter characters.

Williams was involved in a number of activities throughout the day including photo and signing sessions and the spell casting contest at 11.30 am. There was also a special talk with Minerva McGonacat on 'How to bring Mr Weasley to life'.

-Have you been to Malaga before?

-No, this is my first time here, but not my first time in Spain.

-And what do you think?

-I love the sea and yes, I had heard about the city and I knew about the port. I like ports because they are a mixture of everybody. Ports are very important. For example I know Cadiz, Marseille and Genoa.

-Do you know Andalucía?

-Andalucía a little, but I know Barcelona, which has another wonderful port.

-When did you arrive in Malaga?

-I arrived on Saturday morning.

-Have you had time to visit the city?

-Yes, I have been to the Picasso Museum, the port and cathedral.

-And what did you think about them?

-Picasso is very interesting, it's a good museum. The cathedral is outstanding. It's a mix of Renaissance with a Baroque interior. That's rare. I am interested in architecture and engineering.

-FreakCon is the real reason you are here. What do you think of what you've seen so far?

-These conventions are brilliant because they give a chance for fans to get together. They are very important and give people an opportunity to dress up. They are safe places for them and that is very important.

-You are the star of the show.

-Star? Me? I didn't know that, that's not normal for me.

-Do people call you Mr Weasley when they see you?

-Yes, they talk to me like I'm Mr Weasley and that's good, I don't see it as a bad thing.

-Do you get tired of only being recognised for Harry Potter?

-A lot of people know me for Father Brown which is also on in Spain. And in England I'm known for other TV shows and films. People at FreakCon have mentioned 101 Dalmatians, Shakespeare in Love. But I am very proud to have been in Harry Potter.

-If you hadn't been in Harry Potter, would you have still watched the films?

-Yes, for my children. I was a fan of the books before the films, so I read them first before I got into the films. I thought they were great. She [J. K. Rowling] has made a world which is why people love them. She has made a whole world.

-You are best-known for your comedy roles. Do you consider yourself a comedy actor?

-Well, that's people's opinion, I just do my job.

-How important is humour in your life?

-It's very important, it's connecting with people. Humour is putting the wrong shoes on your feet the wrong way round. It's a way of life. I find it difficult with people who have no sense of humour. I don't understand them.

-Andalusians are very happy, friendly people.

-Yes, yes, very friendly. I hear lots of laughing in the city.

-Do you think about the future?

-No, no, it's not good; a bad idea. I think about now, not the future. I don't make plans. They say God laughs at people who make plans.

-They are making a lot of films in Malaga now. Did you know?

-It's great that they are filming a lot here. Keep giving them the tax breaks. Good, Malaga! Go! Don't forget that Hollywood is a small town; smaller than Malaga. The light is important here because you can film all day!

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