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Rest and your heart health

Insomnia is one of the population's most common complaints, and it has a direct impact on our cardiovascular health

The Spanish Sleep Society has been warning for some time that insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, and it is more frequent among women. We know that rest is fundamental for our health, to the extent that poor sleep can cause major disorders, among which we are going to focus on our cardiovascular health, and how good quality rest considerably improves our quality of life.

Healthy lifestyle habits: the importance of rest

A modern healthy lifestyle adapted to today's way of life must be based on three pillars: nutrition, physical activity, and rest.

To substantially avoid disturbed and broken sleep, the Heart Foundation recommends that you take hygienic and dietary measures:

- Follow a regular routine in your daily activities. Especially with regard to your usual bedtime.

- Exercise, but avoid doing so close to bedtime.

- Avoid foods and drinks that contain a lot of sugar and/or caffeine.

- Avoid alcohol before going to bed.

- Avoid heavy dinners.

Rest and our heart health

Specialists around the world, such as Quirón Salud, confirm "the direct impact of our sleep habits on our heart health". As they explain in their CardioBlog, "sleeping less than 7 hours a night is associated with a greater likelihood of developing heart problems". The European Association of Preventive Cardiology confirms in various studies that people who lead healthy lifestyles and sleep a minimum of 7 hours a night reduce their risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases by up to 65%.

How to enjoy healthy rest

Healthy rest allows us to restore our physical and psychological functions, which is why there are companies in the rest sector that have long championed the need to invest in quality rest that enables us to sleep undisturbed and soundly.

This is the case of the MiColchón shop chain, which has in fact registered the terms Mattressology and Mattressologists to refer to a business culture based on personalised and healthy advice, adapted to each person and even each back problem or ailment. MiColchón recommends mattresses designed to eliminate pressure points and improve blood circulation. Málaga is a pioneer in the development of this type of rest products, with the firm Nessen.

Nowadays there are also sofas and armchairs with the so-called "Heart Relief" system, and this type of healthy product can also be bought in Andalusia at centres such as Nessen Interiors, which specialise in quality products. The "Heart Relief" system is a position that raises the legs above the heart and thus also favours blood circulation.

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