Urquizar's designs at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid. SUR
Rafael Urquizar conquers Madrid fashion week with his most 'chaotic' collection yet

Rafael Urquizar conquers Madrid fashion week with his most 'chaotic' collection yet

The Malaga designer presented a dramatic show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Almudena Nogués

Friday, 23 February 2024, 16:01


Returning once again to the Madrid fashion scene, Urquizar presented his most "chaotic" collection yet during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on 19 February at the Wizink Centre in Madrid.

His designs were a tribute to his dog, Otto, who died last spring, and with whom he shared 16 years of his life. According to Urquizar, his new collection sends the message that, in life, "everything gets destroyed in an explosion that terrifies us, but from which rises a version that illuminates the shadows". In this way, the staging of the show was very dramatic, with an intimate atmosphere dominated by lights and shadows.

For his fouth time at the huge fashion event in Madrid, Urquizar opted for a versatile, sober and sophisticated collection. Clarifying his intentions: "Chaos is the origin of everything, and in the time that we're living in, we have to learn to move in it, understanding that nothing stays the same; everything changes and is transformed. Parts of ourselves die at every stage, in order to let others come to be, which, although wounded and in pieces, stripped of so much ease, make us feel more at peace with ourselves," the designer stated during the presentation of his collection.

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